Wednesday, May 08, 2002

hey everyone that comes to this site, lol noone, but i enjoy writing to myself lol, not but ok. sorry i havent wrote in a while i have been busy AKA lazy but ya. and ive been grounded from the internet cuz i have a C in history, i hate mr. glazer. But im back now so mr. krypto dont fear no more. wow im dumb. ok and so nothing happened today except i hate ms. hauer(english) and ms. pence(French) but thats an everyday affair and ya. well im workin on creating my crazy idea #3 so keep coming back. later

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Hey wuts up i went golfing again today, shot a 52 this time... we had this dumb motivational speaker for two hours in the morning who told us to raise our hands and act like 3rd graders in school.....wut a dumb guy. and then in english our teacher liked the speach so we colored the whole hour lol...stupid people.....oh well on to the crazy idea

Crazy Idea #2 -- Pussy Pickles

Pussy pickles would be a great way to get rich. U make pickles specially made for the girls pussy that way they fit proberly and it pleasures them to the most... and u could sell them at grocery stores pretending they were like normal pickles but they would really be for the pussy... short idea but expand on it in the guestbook if u got more ideas, later

Monday, April 15, 2002

Yo, today was a good day, here in SE minnesota it got up to 85degrees!! i went and played golf with a friend and his mom but im not good so i shot a 55... but it was fun anywaz and then we went to applebees for dinner had some fajitas. at school i slept and i got called on while i was sleepin so i had no idea wut was going on took like 4 guesses, it was math, got it eventually though ;). Tommorow us freshmen have a 2 hour delay becuz the 10 and 11 graders are testing and the seniors can drive so the freshmen have a 2 hour pepfest, oh joy. better than school i guess. not much has been happening in school but i got another crazy idea tomorrow called Pussy Pickles. so make sure to read that.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Hey its sunday nite, sux cuz gotta get up at 6 and go to school tomorrow homework at least so thats good. Played basketball today against my neighbor at my dads house and got my assed whooped then we played around the world (game in basketball) and it took like 45min to finish one round lol we suck. I could almost dunk when the hoop was at 7.5ft but of course i couldnt... Not much went on soooo sign my guestbook so i have something to talk about becuz not much is goin on
Hey its midnight right now, i just got back from the movies bout 15min. ago lol, i saw The Rookie, its a pretty good movie for not being an action, horror, or comedy which i usually watch. Yesterday i didnt post becuz i was at my friends house the whole day, it was kool cuz there was a dance in town where my dad lives so its a different city so i dont know most the people there, but there was a party afterwards that i went to and there was a bunch of little kids there that were cussin it was funny. And then the cops showed up and started yellin at people but then they left so it was no biggy. then earlier today we rode bike over to this kids girlfriends house and stayed there and played on a playground for a while, great fun lol. and its midnight right now so if this is soundin really weird its cuz i dont know wut im typin. Then we played street hockey for a long time and i suck so i just watch most of the time and there is not much else to say, so later

Thursday, April 11, 2002

In response to the note wrote in my guestbook (which can be found at the left hand side of the screen), WUT THE HELL WUS THE BALL PARK FRANKS COMPANY THINKIN, STEELING MY **CENSOR** IDEAS!!! ok anywaz that was my idea i was gonna get rich of that. I know, lets Boycott ball park franks!!! No one buy them then they'll go out of business and i'll take over for them and get rich!! And u know wuts in it for you, the reader, nothing! but you can help more me out :( then when i conquer the world you can work in my castle for me instead of living in the rest of the world where everyone is poor. Oh no, i better stop now, im telling you my secret plans to conquer the world. Ok anywaz back on subject, today at school i was made fun of for being short, as usual. As usual i fell asleep in history and i forgot my Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on the way to the bus in the morning for breakfast, I WAS STARVING... oh well im still alive. I also licked a lot of "finger pussy". thats great fun. Thats about all i can think of so sign my guest book and bookmark this page, later...

Wednesday, April 10, 2002


Ok heres my first genius idea, i thought of this a couple months back. Its called Chickenbeef or Beefchicken or CB or BC, havent decided on the name yet. Anywaz chickenbeef as i'll call it is an edible food that hopefully would tast good. Ok, heres out it works. I build a factory with lots of neat machines that do the stuff i need it to. First it sucks a cow from a pasture and butchers it with lots of sharp utensils then it takes all the meat out of his buttox cuz of course thats where the best meat comes from and then it puts the meat in a fridge while it is wait for the chicken. The chicken gets sucked out of its hen house thing where it is laying eggs, also profitable and it gets grinded up by some more utensils and then the meat is removed from the chicken. Then you combine the chicken and cow meat in a mixing chamberand it mixs it up together and then it goes on one of those conveyer belts over to a little machine that compresses them in to meat shapes that u find in the grocery store then it is packed and shipped and people eat it!!! good idea isnt it??? post wut u think and more ideas for it in my guestbook which is now back up........later

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Well, the guestbook was up. I guess the site that was hosting it is down now so it isnt their right now. I couldnt keep my eyes open in history yesterday so i gotta go to bed earlier tonite lol, teacher doesnt like it when u sleep. Stay tuned becuz tomorrow my first crazy yet super dee duper good idea is revealed (AKA (Also Known As) Crazy Idea #1) so tomorrow you better pay close attention becuz this could be the next get rich program you see on tv and you dont want to miss out LOL ok so maybe not but its a good idea, later...
Hey the guestbook is now up as u can see on the left side their is a weird button under it in german or something, dont click it lol, probly trying to make money off me or something, wouldnt want that to happen, i put a sample entry in their so read that before you post your own, im going to be coming out with a more advanced one sooner or later but thats wut we have for now, later...
Yo again, just got home from school like 45min ago, i am deprived from a normal life becuz i live a wayz out in the country and i cant drive for another year. I believe i forgot to mention that i am very short, 5 foot when im standing at my tallest. 15yrs old --- 5 foot tall, see the problem? Today at school i was offered cottage cheese for $10, if you catch my drift, if not thats too bad. That was about the biggest event that happened today i'll be back to talk to you later when i get the guestbook up and running which should be pretty quick, then you can talk back to me, YAY! lol im stupid anywaz, later

Monday, April 08, 2002

Wow, Im tired, time to go to bed for me, got school tomorrow and im probly gonna fall asleep in 7th hour history like usual cuz i never get enough sleep, remember to bookmark the site and refer your friends, located on the left-hand side of the screen. I will also have a guestbook coming soon so that you can talk back to me, ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz.........later

BTW (by the way), you can visit my friends site here

Everyones been asking wut the TAJ stands for in the web address. It stands for The Average Joe, duh, lol
Hey wuts up all, this is Joe speaking for the first time. Ya, so hi. I am 15 and i work in a button factory, jk, but i really am 15 and so im a freshmen in high school. School sux by the way. Anywaz, we just got off spring break last week and I was at my dads house, my parents are divorced, and so while i was there my mom found my porn magazine in MY bathroom while she was looking for toilet paper. And so she gave me a talk about it LOL! she said i should treat women with respect and thats about it and she left the magazine there LOL YAY!! That was basically all that happened at that time...I got lots of crazy ideas to share but first i let you read this, later, if you read my blog and wanna say something about it you can email me, later